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For a synodal Church - Synod 2021 2023

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

The Holy Father has asked that all of the dioceses in the world engage in a period of listening, discernment, and participation. We are “to listen to each other, to our faith tradition, and to the signs of the times in order to discern what God is saying to all of us.” (Synod of Bishops, Preparatory Document)

Throughout the Archdiocese of Miami, people will be asked to respond to certain questions which are meant to help us discern as a local Church God’s will and to pursue the pathways to deeper communion, fuller participation, and greater openness to fulfilling our mission in the world. You will be able to attend a gathering here at the parish to discuss these questions in small groups, and you will also be able to submit your responses online. Whichever way you will be participating, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the questions and to pray for your own discernment as you join in this process.

Question 1

What fills you with joy about the Catholic Church?

What causes you concern about the Catholic Church?

Question 2

Are you encouraged to speak up courageously and responsibly about challenges and concerns? Do you feel heard? Do you listen to the voices of others?

How can we create greater opportunities for people to be heard in Church and in the public square?

Question 3

What type of support do you need to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus and His Church?

What type of support do you need to help others to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus and His Church? How can the Catholic Church accompany and support you with these?

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