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At the St. Lawrence Catholic Church and School, we know that inspiration opens hearts. An open-heart is an open mind and an open mind is one that can practice tolerance, experience gratitude and feel the glory of God. It is our belief that God is present in all of us, but His active presence can only be felt through faith in Him.


We are dedicated to the service of God and all his people, and our goal is to inspire you through the holiness of our dwelling and our services. We invite you to become a part of our growing congregation.


  • Parish Goal 2021: USD 37,625

    We are the Church
    ... just as we are instruments of Christ. A universal body of believers-delivering God's message of hope and love to every

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Father William Elbert's Funeral

Padre/Father William Elbert

Administrador y Parroco de la Parroquia de San Lorenzo

Enero 2000 - Mayo 2018

Administrator and Pastor of St Lawrence Parish

January 2000 - May 2018



Discover the different ways we serve God at Saint Lawrence Catholic Church.

We have mass every day of the week.


6:30 PM

Mass in English


6:30 PM

Mass in English

7:30 PM

Mass in Spanish


6:30 PM

Mass in English


6:30 PM

Mass in English


6:30 PM

Mass in English

7:00 PM



5:00 PM

Mass in English


9:00 AM

Mass in English

11:00 AM

Mass in English

1:00 PM

Mass in Spanish

6:00 PM

Mass in Spanish

Live Streaming

We reach those that cannot attend in person through our Facebook Live Streaming.

Streaming Mass daily.

11am and 1pm on Sundays

Masses with the public to resume May 26

In giving the OK, Miami’s archbishop cites restrictions, urges prudence as virus 'is still among us'


Mass | 24 March 2020

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